Capital Campaign

The Lakefield United Capital Campaign is being organized for the preservation of historical Lakefield United. Built in 1908 from hand-moulded blocks of Lakefield cement with a long lifeline and generations of heritage, it’s more than a building.


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April 13, 2019  Lakefield United Church - Event tickets $25

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Church office -705-652-3126
Adrienne Abrahamse- 705-917-0702
Sue Bell-Gastle - 705-875-1938
Robin Kayser - 705-761-0100
Lori Neill - 705-761-1724


Lakefield United is a strong pillar, a unifying force in our community: A touchstone. A place that’s here for you. Here for all of us. The place that holds us together.

United – with Ojibwa, Methodist and Presbyterian roots, it’s also more than a church. It’s a friend, a neighbour.  A place to find comfort, a place to gather – and a place of celebration.

See why...."HERE for YOU" is so important


The Gala Committee would like to sincerely thank everyone who contributed to the outstanding success of our Gala event on September 30th 2017.  The generous outpouring of support from our church community and our outreach community was overwhelming. A special thanks to all our sponsors, donors and The Regency of Lakefield.

This summer we were able to replace a leaking roof and update windows in our CE wing. This part of our building is used by many groups and is a gathering place for hundreds of people in our community every month. THANK-YOU!

Windows church