Fees & Contracts

Facilities Policy for Use of Rooms

As an inclusive and welcoming church, Lakefield United Church strives to make its physical facilities accessible to congregation members as well as to a variety of community groups and agencies.


Any individual or group from within the congregation or any community group or agency is eligible to apply for use of the church facilities.

The church reserves the right to refuse access when the User's aims and goals do not match the ethos of The United Church of Canada.

All organizations, individuals or groups will adhere to the Lakefield United Church policies regarding use of the building where applicable.

The responsibility for the set-up of rooms before events lies with the Custodian in cooperation with the User of Rooms.

The User will be required to sign a Memorandum of Understanding and a refundable damage deposit may be required.

The User will be required to provide Lakefield United Church with a Certificate of Insurance noting a Commercial General Liability limit of not less than $2,000,000 and noting Lakefield United Church as an Additional Insured.

Usage of the church's Audio-Visual (AV) equipment is $25 and must be specified on the Memorandum of Understanding.

Any food preparation performed at the church must conform to the regulations set out in the Food Handler Training and Certification Course as administered by Peterborough Public Health.

The cost of the use of the dishwasher is not included in the cost of kitchen or auditorium rental.  There is an additional charge of $70 for the use of the dishwasher.  A qualified individual must operate the dishwasher.

Users are responsible for the supervision and actions of the individuals involved in the their group's event.  The cost of repairing damages to the church, equipment or contents is the express responsibility of the User.


Sanctuary          First Hour     $90           Every subsequent hour     $75

Auditorium       First Hour     $55           Every subsequent hour     $40

Kitchen              First Hour     $35          Every subsequent hour     $25

Commercial Dishwasher            Flat rate     $70

Friendship Room     First Hour     $35          Every subsequent hour     $20

Board Room      First Hour      $35          Every subsequent hour     $20

Sunday school classroom     First Hour     $35         Every subsequent hour     $20

Basement Nursery School (limited availability)          First Hour     $55          Every subsequent hour     $40

Custodian Fee (required when renting the sanctuary, auditorium, kitchen)    $75

Room Rates may be discounted

For-profit persons/companies will pay 100% of the room rate

Non-profit organizations that charge admission for their event will pay 60% of the room rate

Non-profit organizations that do not charge admission for their event will be charged 30% of the room rate

Some Room Use may be considered Community Outreach and will not be charged for the use of the room(s).